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Agtivate™ is a blend of LIVING microalgae that effectively reconditions damaged soils: we offer a cure, not a treatment! Agtivate™ provides optimal plant growth conditions resulting in higher yields and quality while reducing farmer inputs. Agtivate™ also increases the plant's resilience to stressful events and resistance to pests.

WorldWide Delivery

Getting Agtivate is very simple, place your order and we’ll ship it to your doorstep.

Easy Application

No specialized equipment needed. Quick and easy application with spray and/or irrigation system.

Increase Your Crop Yield

More produce per unit area with superior produce nutrition and taste; Improved soil structure, long term soil health and value.

Agtivate Your Soil!

Introducing Agtivate™, a new algae-based soil amendment product. Agtivate™ is a concentrated blend of living micro algal cells. These cells inoculate the soil, living in the top layer of the soil, continuously serving as a favorable carbon source for soil microorganisms, secreting polysaccharides and leaving beneficial secondary metabolites in the soil profile.

The product provides value to the farmer by enabling the simple and effective improvement of soil health and productivity. Farmers reduce their most expensive and environmentally harmful input, synthetic fertilizer, while improving their soil health and bottom line with significant yield increases. Agtivate™ the full potential of your soil™.

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